Discover a little more about me

Discover a little more about me

Discover a little more about me
Hey Everyone

I’m Vanessa or Nessa to my friends and the founder and creator of The Pregnancy Pantry. I’m a mum of two, a wife and a total self confessed nutrition geek. I studied journalism before doing a 180° and going on to study catering. I then ended up eventually branching out and discovering my true passion for nutrition and more specifically plant based nutrition. As a Certified Plant Based Nutritionist and Wellness Coach specialising in VEGAN Nutrition, I then went all in and completed my Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition.

Whilst I am a vegetarian and have a vested interest in veganism and plant based living. My intention of this site is to educate on the fundamental benefits of reducing the volume of animal products that we consume and to find solutions to ensuring all vital nutrients are met by eating a plant based diet alone.

I’ll put my hands up here and confess that, I haven’t always had a healthy interest in food. Particularly in my teens and early twenties. I wouldn’t have thought twice about chowing down on a bacon, egg and sausage sandwich, a gallon of coffee and working my way through a family sized packet of biscuits after a heavy night.

Even during my first pregnancy eight years ago. I treated my body like a garbage bin. That’s not to say I didn’t follow the pregnancy guidelines on what not to eat during pregnancy but I did consume a lot of high saturated fats, meats, cheese, full fat milk and had a serious sugar addiction.

My first pregnancy was horrendous. I put on four stone, suffered chronic digestive problems, hip pain, backache and pretty much spent nine months miserable. I had no energy and a body that was screaming out for some healthy foods. Fast forward four years and my ethos surrounding food and how beneficial eating the right foods can be really helped me to finally experience a pregnancy where I felt incredible.

Becoming pregnant for the second time massively forced me to reassess my lifestyle and what message I wanted to convey to my children about the foods that we eat. I reduced the amount of refined sugars I was eating, rediscovered my love of baking and got creative in the kitchen, producing sweet treats that were sweetened naturally. It was around this time that The Pregnancy Pantry was born and my love for this site catapulted me into a world of blogging.

My decision to go one step further and become vegetarian was primarily down to health. With the hope that cutting meat out of my diet would have an increased benefit to my energy levels and that it would clear up a digestive system that had started to become a little sluggish again. I gave up meat completely on my 39th birthday and had a few transition issues during the first couple of months. But after I started to notice how amazing I felt and how my skin looked, it became easier and easier and now is just part of the norm.

Discover a little more about me
Over the past few years

I’ve noticed a huge amount of conflicting information out there surrounding pregnancy and veganism and primarily what I discovered is that it centres around whether it’s possible to sustain.
I think these past few years has seen a huge change in the way we see food. Which is an incredible step forward. You only need to look on social media, tv adverts, or the amount of documentaries that are being produced to see that more and more of us are now becoming conscious of the foods we eat.

Whether that be food that is more sustainable, and ethically farmed or just making the decision to consume a greater range of fresh unprocessed whole foods.

Is a plant based diet healthy?

A diet that consists of less red meat has been associated with a reduced risk of many diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease.

When you make the decision to follow a well balanced plant based diet, there is a definitive reduction in the amount of saturated fats and salt and an increase in high fibre foods containing heart healthy unsaturated fats that are found in nuts, olive oils and seeds.

A healthy well balanced diet may also help in reducing many of the pregnancy symptoms we suffer from such as nausea, heartburn, leg cramps and constipation.

I have always been conscious about not creating a website that puts too much emphasis on the foods that you shouldn’t be eating during pregnancy – as I think you’ll agree that once pregnant we get hit with a barrage of advice and we are constantly reminded about all the foods we shouldn’t be eating. Many of which are sadly misguided. Instead what I focus on is a more intuitive way of eating.
Intuitive Eating

Eating intuitively is about taking an approach to health and food that has nothing to do with diets, or meal planing, control, or restriction but is all about learning to get in touch with the body.

By focusing on our natural cues such as hunger and learning to recognise when we are full, we learn to trust our bodies abilities and our relationship with food. And in turn, by doing so – open up the potential to find enjoyment in food.
However many of the safety guidelines surrounding pregnancy are standard practice and pregnancy certainly isn’t the time to be taking risks.

The Pregnancy Pantry is about a celebration of healthy plant based goodness, nutritional advice and guidance which includes a wide range of free downloads, recipes, and articles to ensure you’re meeting your nutritional quota from the lead up to pregnancy and throughout each trimester.

I love writing about everything plant based and pregnancy, as well as getting messy in the kitchen and I’m so happy to have you here.

Nessa x

Disclaimer: The information shared on this website is based on my own personal experience which is intended to educate and inform the reader. This is not a prescription and nothing in the website  constitutes any form of medical advice. If you require medical advice relating to a particular health problem, please consult your own doctor, midwife or healthcare provider to determine the best course of treatment for you.

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