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Free Downloads and eBooks

Free Downloads and eBooks

21 Smoothie Recipes for a Healthy Pregnancy

During pregnancy we know the importance of ensuring we eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and to make sure we get our daily dose of vitamins. However, sometimes it’s just not that simple – cue morning sickness, exhaustion and an aversion to anything that resembles a vegetable.

By adding the right level of ingredients to our smoothies, we can make them a part of our daily ritual – the beauty of a smoothie is you can have it with breakfast, lunch and dinner when it’s incorporated and balanced out with a healthy meal.  

The best thing about a home made smoothie is that you know exactly what goes into the mix.

No more guessing how much rubbish is added or finding hidden sugars from overly processed juices to make it taste better. These smoothies all taste amazing just as they are.  

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Are you pregnant and struggling with the following? Constipation, Gas or Heartburn?

This eBook is your sure-fire solution for kick starting a sluggish digestive system. If you’ve ever experienced constipation, gas or heartburn then this book is for you.

In fact, up to half of all pregnant women suffer from constipation at some point during their pregnancy. Sadly , however, I’m not a miracle worker. Despite offering you a selection of delicious high fibre recipes (I promise no green veg or prune juice was hurt in the making of these recipes) I do stand by the current guidelines. Believe me, I know its not always easy to follow the guidelines, but having completed The British Nutrition Foundation in The Science of Dietary Fibre and Digestive Health, what I can promise is that you’ll be doing your body and your pregnancy a huge favour by following the guidelines laid out in this eBook as much as is possible throughout the nine months of pregnancy.

The Ultimate Immunity Guide

Most of us have a general idea of what our immune system is, but not so much what our immune system is comprised of, which can make it difficult to maintain our body’s ability to stay healthy. 

Your immune system is your body’s defence system to fight bacteria and germs that can make you sick or worse, cause disease. When it comes to staying healthy, or shortening an illness, having a strong immune system is important.

This eBook will offer quick and easy ways that you a can use to start boosting your immunity today.  Help you to achieve more energy, find out how to strengthen your system to fight off illness and ensure your immune system is fighting fit – starting today. 

1. Importance of Immunity 

2. The quickest and easiest ways to get vital nutrients into your body

3. The best foods to eat for optimum health

4. Vitamins and nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy

5. Maintaining optimal health for a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle

Free Downloads and eBooks

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