The Power of Plants

“I’d do anything to have a baby.”

These heartbreaking words are spoken by far too many women throughout the world. I, myself, have spoken them. And thousands of women follow through, doing whatever it takes to achieve pregnancy: taking fertility meds and/or paying thousands and thousands of dollars to do IVF. Perhaps they hire a surrogate. But what if there could be a cheaper, non-invasive, natural way to achieve pregnancy?

Will you give up ooey-gooey cheese for ooey-gooey kisses?

Will you set aside that chunk of meat to meet your own little chunk?

Will you sacrifice that sticky ice cream for sticky little fingers?

Over the past five years, it has become my firm belief that many women can overcome their struggles with fertility, as I did, with food. Namely, by switching to a whole foods plant-based diet. It’s something that I have become very passionate about and that is what has led me to create this website.

No, I am not a doctor. I’m not a nutritionist or dietitian (although I’d love to become one…perhaps when I’m done mommying). But I have spent hours researching and experimenting. I have collected that information and put it here so you, too, can do your own research. My hope is that as you embark on this journey, you will enjoy the same health benefits that I (and thousands of others) have, and, most importantly, I hope making these dietary changes will help you finally bring home your own bundle of joy.

Welcome to PPP: Plant Powered Pregnancy!

To get started, I invite you to read our story. I’d love to share with you what led me here and how I, quite by chance, resolved my fertility problems naturally (and cheaply). After that, check out some of the health benefits of switching to a plant-based diet for some more inspiration and motivation. Check out my summary of your body’s nutritional needs to learn more about how all those needs can be met on a plant-based diet. Then perhaps you can head on over to my page of resources to do some more in-depth studying and learning (from the actual pros). When you’re ready to get in the kitchen, be sure to go check out some of my personal favorite recipes.

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Have your own plant-based story to tell?

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