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In addition to adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle, there are a few supplements that could also aid in balancing your hormones and boosting your fertility.


Vitex, also known as “chasteberry,” is said to have been used on monks to reduce their horniness. Whether or not it actually worked for that, it has been proven to help balance the hormones in women’s bodies, thereby boosting their fertility. Read more about how it works here.

Vitex supplements can be purchased online or in health foods stores and are relatively inexpensive. In my opinion, it’s totally worth a try. You should wean yourself off of it once you become pregnant though and taking it while breastfeeding is also not recommended.

This is my favorite vitex supplement:

Maca Powder

Maca is a root that grows in the Peruvian Andes. It has long been said to balance hormones and boost fertility. Red maca is said to be particularly good for women, but what’s most important is to make sure it’s actual, organic maca powder from Peru (not China!) It’s recommended to ingest the equivalent of 4 teaspoons a day to boost your fertility. You can buy packs of the powder at health foods stores, or take capsules if you can’t tolerate the taste of it. (I find it pairs well with chocolate, like in my PB banana chocolate shake).

Unlike vitex, maca is also excellent for men. It has been shown to increase sperm count, quality and motility. So, have your guy eat this stuff too when trying to conceive.

Again, stop use of this supplement when you become pregnant as no studies have been done to show whether or not it’s safe to use during pregnancy.

Read more about this powerful little root here.

Spearmint to reduce testosterone production

Spearmint tea has been shown to reduce testosterone production. Although this male hormone is important in both men and women, too much can cause a lot of problems. Reducing your testosterone levels is especially important if you have PCOS. It may also help combat acne!

It can be consumed as a tasty tea or in capsules. Personally, I enjoy it in tea form.

Note: peppermint reduces breastmilk production, therefore it is recommended to avoid the consumption of mint teas while breastfeeding.

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